Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) is a statewide program administered by Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) that provides survivors of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and/or stalking with a legal substitute address for interacting with all state and local government agencies, in addition to a confidential mail forwarding service. The intent of the ACP is to protect the location of a survivor's physical address (work, residential, and/or school) as part of a comprehensive plan to reduce the risk of future harm. All state and local government agencies must accept the legal substitute address as the participant's legal address of record. ACP certification is granted by DPA and is valid for four years, at which time eligible individuals may re-enroll. For Division of Professions & Occupations (DPO), this means any individual enrolled in the ACP who interfaces with DPO for licensing, complaint, discipline or other purposes, is legally entitled to use the legal substitute address for this interface. Retroactive protection is provided for 90 days prior to enrollment in the ACP.

For information on how to enroll in the address confidentiality program please contact the Department of Personnel & Administration by phone at (303) 866-2208 or by visiting their website at Address Confidentiality Program (ACP).

To submit your request to use your assigned substitute address with the Division of Professions & Occupations please submit a copy of your ACP participant card by email to dora_dpo_acp@state.co.us.