Division of Professions and Occupations: File a Complaint Online

Before Filing a Complaint Online

Before filing a complaint, be sure to register an account with Online Services. The benefits of registering include:

  • Making it easier for the board or program to contact you if they have important follow-up questions,
  • Allowing you to track the progress of your complaint, and
  • Showing you the history and status of any and all complaints you have ever submitted.

Register to File a Complaint Online

File a Complaint Online

File a Complaint online now with Online Services.  Online complaints are the most efficient way to guarantee all necessary information is submitted. If you would still like to submit a hard copy complaint, please access our hard copy complaint forms.

Although anonymous complaints are accepted, we encourage you to register an account or provide your contact information to help us thoroughly address the complaint. If we don't have enough information, the board or program may have to drop the complaint since we can't contact you for further information.

If you have a complaint about your insurance (payment of claims, denials, customer service, etc.) please submit a complaint to the Division of Insurance


What happens next?

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