State Board of Addiction Counselor Examiners: Applications and Forms

NOTICE: Education Equivalency Review

DORA/DPO is no longer accepting/processing Education Equivalency Review packets for any of the Mental Health Professions. Colorado DORA/DPO has contracted with the Center for Credentialing &, Education (CCE) to do all education equivalency review/evaluations for LPC, MFT, PSY and Addiction Counselors. Visit the CCE website at

Clarification for Applicants on CAC Title Designations

The July 14, 2020 signing into law of House Bill 20-1206, Sunset Mental Health Professionals has prompted changes affecting professional titles for Certified Addiction Counselors in Colorado. 

Additionally, HB20-1206 modifies the requirements for licensure and certification for addiction counselors, including examination requirements, while also clarifying education, training and clinical supervision requirements and scopes of practice.

The Board of Addiction Counselor Examiners is collaborating with the Office of Behavioral Health to implement the Mental Health Sunset bill, HB20-1206.   As training is developed for the Addiction Specialist and Addiction Technician credential, the Board will continue to process pending applications for CAC Is, CAC IIs, and CAC IIIs under the previous requirements through March 31, 2021 when new rules and training will be in place. Until that time this crosswalk will provide additional information for applicants.   

Please note: No further grandfathering or applications under the previous requirements will be accepted after March 31, 2021.

Implementation of these changes is in process. Questions may be referred to

Certified Addiction Technician (ACA), Certified Addiction Specialist (ACC) and Addiction Counselor Candidate (ADDC) Applications & Forms


Addiction Counselor NCAC and MAC Exam Information

Certified Addiction Technician and Specialist - Certification by Original Method and Endorsement (Apply Online)

Certified Addiction Technician and Specialist - Reinstate Expired Certification (Apply Online)

Certified Addiction Technician and Specialist - Reactivate Inactive Certification
Certified Addiction Technician and Specialist - Change Status to Inactive

Addiction Counselor Candidate (ADDC) - Temporary Permit (Apply Online)

Forms & Education Resources
Jurisprudence Examination

Jurisprudence Examination Guide

Licensed Addiction Counselor (ACD) Applications &, Forms


Licensed Addiction Counselor (ACD) - Original License by Examination and Endorsement (Apply Online)

Licensed Addiction Counselor (ACD) - Reinstate Expired License (Apply Online) Licensed Addiction Counselor - Reactivate Inactive License 

Licensed Addiction Counselor - Change Status to Inactive

Forms & Education Resources
Jurisprudence Examination

Communication from the Division: The Division of Professions and Occupations primary communication is via email. Please be sure to include your current email address on your application to receive important information about your application status and process.

License Expiration Grace Period for New Applicants: All new applicants who are issued a license within 120 days of the upcoming renewal expiration date will be issued a license with the next expiration date.

License Renewal Information: All Addiction Counselor certifications and licenses expire on August 31 of odd-numbered years and must be renewed to continue practicing. View your expiration date on your online account. Please note that renewals open approximately four to six weeks prior to the expiration date.