Electrical Board and State Plumbing Board: Contemporaneous Review

The state has developed standard procedures for conducting contemporaneous reviews to ensure consistent, timely and efficient enforcement of Colorado's plumbing and electrical licensure and apprenticeship requirements. Procedures for the Plumbing Board are pursuant to Sections 12-155-120(1) and (10), Colorado Revised Statutes, effective Jan. 1, 2020. Contemporaneous review standard procedures already were in place for the State Electrical Board but have been updated and adhere to the requirements set forth in Sections 12-115-120(1)(a) and (10), C.R.S. City, town, county, city, and county, or qualified state institution of higher education conducting their own inspections must ensure these reviews of electricians, plumbers, and apprentices are compliant with state plumbing licensing and apprentice ratio laws.