Colorado State Board of Landscape Architects: News



Updated CLARB Resources

CLARB has announced an updated LARE Orientation Guide and Reference List now available to candidates.This newly updated resource replaces all prior versions and are applicable as of the April 2017 administration of the LARE. The CLARB Examination Committee noted the Reference List was reviewed to better reflect the current exam content.Additionally, the Orientation Guide includes the updated exam blueprint which provides candidates with additional details on the subject matter tested in each section of the exam.

Both the Reference List and Orientation Guide were distributed by CLARB directly to candidates via email and social media in early February 2017. If you have questions regarding these resources, contact CLARB directly via email at or 571-432-0332.



Continuing Education for Landscape Architects

At present, continuing education is not required to maintain or renew a Landscape Architect license.