Military Spouse Licenses

Military Spouse Licenses

The Division of Professions & Occupations (DPO) strives to support the mobility and transportability of military spouses’ professional licenses.

Pursuant to Colorado House Bill 20-1326 Create Occupational Credential Portability Program, which Governor Polis signed on June 25, 2020, spouses of active-duty military personnel stationed in Colorado may obtain temporary licenses for any profession or occupation under the purview of DPO, if they hold a credential in good standing from another US state or territory and meet certain other requirements.

Key Features of Military Spouse Licenses:

  • There are no fees associated with these licenses
  • Licenses are valid for three years from the date of issuance
  • Licenses are non-renewable 
  • There are no practice restrictions with these licenses. Each licensed military spouse is subject to, and must practice pursuant to, the same laws and regulations as other licensees in the same profession. 
  • Examples of professions not eligible for these licenses include real estate brokers, EMS providers, teachers, and attorneys. These professions are regulated by agencies other than DPO, and only DPO-regulated professions are eligible. 

To apply for a military spouse license:

  1. Create an account on the Division’s online licensing platform and login 
  2. Once you login, click "Apply for a New License" 
  3. Next, expand the relevant professional area (e.g., “Dental Applications” for dentists and dental hygienists)
  4. Then select "start" next to the "Military Spouse" application for the specific profession for which you wish to apply (e.g., Military Spouse - Cosmetologist or Military Spouse - Dentist) 

At this point, you will be taken to the beginning of the online application where you will answer questions about yourself and provide documentation of your out-of-state license, your spouse’s military orders for Colorado, and your military identification. 

Should you have questions, review frequently asked questions for military spouses, or contact Sarah Werner at
Additional Licensure Assistance
Federal reimbursement for licensure costs:  Each military service branch may reimburse spouses - depending on eligibility requirements - up to $500 for certain licensure costs resulting from relocations that cross US state lines.  For more information, please review the reimbursement requirements for each service branch on the Military One Source's website.  Important note: This reimbursement program is through the federal government, not the State of Colorado or the Department of Regulatory Agencies.