Natural Medicine Program: News

BREAKING NEWS: The Licensing and Education Rules have been presented to DORAs 

Executive Director for approval. If approved, the Rules may be effective at the end of June 2024.


The next meeting of the Natural Medicine Advisory Board's Combined Subcommittee will be May 10, 2024, at 1:00 PM. 


The Combined Subcommittee will review public comments and provide recommendations regarding potential changes, updates, or areas where clarification is needed.


The topics of the next meeting will be as follows:

  • Review and discuss the topic of home health.
  • Review and discuss Rule 6.3 A - Documentation and Disclosure Requirements.
  • Review and discuss Rule 6.10 - Sexual or Romantic Relationships and Conduct Prohibited.
  • Review and discuss Rule 6.19 - Requirements for Integration Sessions.
    Allowing additional fees.


If you would like to provide comments or feedback on the Standards of Practice and Advertising draft rules, see draft rules.


The public is encouraged to attend. 

Please follow the links below for more information on what will be discussed at the meeting. 






You are also welcome to attend our stakeholder meetings. The next scheduled meeting is May 14, 2024, at 2pm. The purpose of this Stakeholder Meeting is for the Director of the Division of Professions and Occupations (“Director”) and the Program Director of the Colorado Natural Medicine Advisory Board (“Board”) to receive feedback regarding proposed new Rule 8 – DISCIPLINE/VIOLATIONS to implement Colorado Senate Bill 23-290. 

Please follow this link to register for the next Stakeholder meeting May 14, 2024, at 2pm. 


You are also welcome to attend the Advisory Full Board Meeting as an attendee. Please follow this link to register for the next Natural Medicine Advisory Full Board meeting to be held on May 17, 2024, AT 1:00 P.M. 


All of our meetings can be found on our website, specifically in the calendar.  If you select the meeting date on the calendar, you will be able to find the registry for that specific meeting date.  You are invited to register to attend the meeting as an attendee, in listening mode only.  You will also find a link to the Agenda and any Meeting Materials; these items will be accessible 5 days before the date of the meeting.


Please send any written comments or questions to dora_natural_medicine@state.co.us



The First meeting of the Federally Recognized American Tribes and Indigenous Community Working Group will be on May 8, 2024, at 2:00 pm.

Public is invited.  Register

The Director of the Natural Medicine Program has assembled members of the Federally Recognized American Tribes and Indigenous Community Working Group. The nine working group members are seven Tribal citizens and two Indigenous community members. The majority of the working group members are Colorado residents and the rest represent other regions across Indian Country. This multi-generational working group consists of academics, tribal leaders, members of the Native American Church, and traditional healers with knowledge of policy-making, public health, therapeutic models, and cultural perspectives.

Working Group


Established under the bill SB23-290 "Natural Medicine Regulation and Legalization", the Federally Recognized American Tribes and Indigenous Community Working Group is established for the purpose of engaging and creating a dialogue to identify issues related to the commercialization of natural medicine, natural medicine product, and natural medicine services for Tribal and Indigenous people, communities, cultures, and religions. The Community Working Group will study the items including but not limited to the following:

  • Avoiding the misappropriation and exploitation of the Federally Recognized Tribes and Indigenous People, Communities, Cultures, and Religions.
  • Avoiding the excessive commercialization of natural medicine, natural medicine product, and natural medicine services.
  • Any conservation issues associated with the legalization and regulation of Natural Medicine or Natural Medicine Products, Including the potential for further depletion of Peyote due to Peyote being a source of Mescaline; And
  • Best Practices and open communication to build trust and understanding between the federally recognized Tribes and Indigenous people and communities, the board, the division, the state licensing authority, and law enforcement agencies for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary burdens and criminalization of traditional, Tribal, and Indigenous uses of Natural Medicine

This Working Group is housed under the Natural Medicine Program at the Division of Professions and Occupations at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.

The following members have been selected and accepted the volunteer role.

Tom Allen - Arvada, Colorado  - Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma, Northern Arapaho
Daniel Castro - Boulder, Colorado  - Mestizo Kichwa from Ecuador
Sherrill Katsi Cook Barreiro  - Akwesasne, New York - St. Regis Mohawk Tribe
Frank Dayish  - Gallop, New Mexico  - Navajo Nation (Diné)
Belinda P. Eriacho - Tempe, Arizona -  Navajo Nation (Diné)
Dr. Santiago Ivan Guerra - Colorado Springs, Colorado - Coahuiltecan and Chicano
Terry G. Knight, Sr. - Towaoc, Colorado - Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
Marlena Robbins - Berkeley, California -  Navajo Nation (Diné)
Councilman, Darwin Whiteman Jr. - Towaoc, Colorado - Ute Mountain Ute Tribe