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Obtaining & Documenting Your 1500 Intern Hours

Applicants for a pharmacist license must complete 1500 intern hours within five years of graduating from a Board-approved school or college of pharmacy or obtaining a Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Certification.

Intern hours may be obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.
  • Under the supervision of a licensed individual whose practice overlaps with that of a pharmacist.
  • Under the supervision of a drug manufacturer.
  • A year as a licensed pharmacist if the year is completed prior to your taking the Colorado jurisprudence examination.
  • As part of equivalent military education, training, or service.

You will need to attest to completing these intern hours once you apply for your pharmacist license. This means you do not have to supply documentation proving your intern hours with your application. However, we may audit your application later. So, you must keep documentation of your intern hours. Acceptable forms of documentation include:

  • A signed letter from the approved school or college of pharmacy where you completed your internship.
  • A verification of intern hours from an out-of-state board of pharmacy. Colorado does not provide these types of verifications, but many states do.

Pharmacy Technician (PHAT) Applications


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