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The Radon Professional Program is responsible for enforcing statutes, rules and policies as implemented by the Radon Professionals Practice Act. Program staff oversee education, licensing, and enforcement of Radon Measurement Professionals and Radon Mitigation Professionals. This program began regulating Radon Professionals July 1, 2022. 

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Permanent Rulemaking Hearing – December 8, 2023

The purpose of this Permanent Rulemaking Hearing is to allow stakeholders a final opportunity to testify before the Director determines whether to repeal, on a permanent basis, Rule 1.14 - PROTECTING COLORADO’S WORKFORCE AND EXPANDING LICENSING OPPORTUNITIES to implement Colorado Senate Bill 23-265 (Concerning a Prohibition on a Regulator Imposing Discipline Against a Person Based on Certain Activities Involving Marijuana).


Implementation of Colorado Senate Bill 23-265

What is this about?

The following Boards and Programs within the Division of Professions and Occupations are requesting written comments regarding the implementation of Colorado Senate Bill 23-265 (CONCERNING A PROHIBITION ON A REGULATOR IMPOSING DISCIPLINE AGAINST A PERSON BASED ON CERTAIN ACTIVITIES INVOLVING MARIJUANA), and the proposed repeal of the Board and Program rules that are no longer necessary after the codification of these regulations into law. 

Each of the listed Boards and Programs below will hold a Permanent Rulemaking Hearing on the dates below to determine whether to repeal the rules on a permanent basis to implement the law.  Please submit written comments as soon as possible. The Boards and Programs will continue to accept written comments until the Permanent Rulemaking Hearings where stakeholders will be given a final opportunity to testify before the Board and/or the Director or Director's designee. Please visit the Board and Program websites under the "Public Notices" tab for the most current information, including webinar registration information, written comments, and the draft rules. 

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