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Revised Rules Effective April 14, 2021

Revised rules for the State Board of Veterinary Medicine went into effect on April 14, 2021. The revisions to Rules 1.4(E) and (F), and 1.12(C) were required by the Office of Legislative Legal Services to provide clarity concerning the requirements of sections 12-315-104(19) and 12-20-202(2)(c)(II), C.R.S.

To view the details of this rulemaking project and track all rule changes, see Tracking Number 2020-00909. The Board encourages all licensees and stakeholders to read the published revised Rules 1.4(E) and (F), and 1.12(C). Please direct any questions to  



New Rule in Effect December 15, 2020

A new rule for the State Board of Veterinarian Medicine went into effect on December 15, 2020. The adopted new rule implements Colorado House Bill 20-1326: Concerning an expansion of an individual's ability to practice an occupation in Colorado through creation of an occupational credential portability program.

To view the details of this rulemaking project and track rule revisions, follow Tracking Number 2020-00731. The Board encourages all licensees and stakeholders to read the final, published New Rule. Please direct any questions to  



Sunset Review

The Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform is conducting a sunset review of the veterinary licensing program. Analysis in a sunset review is performed to determine whether the regulatory program is necessary and should be continued, modified or eliminated. This review will produce a report to the Colorado General Assembly and result in subsequent legislation based on the recommendations in the report. If you would like to submit comments online, please visit COPRRR's website.




Listen to PDMP Townhall, new document answers FAQs

The Division of Professions and Occupations hosted a Veterinary Telephone Townhall on July 25, 2019, that addressed Colorado's requirements for prescribers related to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

Among the topics covered were the unique Veterinary Policy for Prescribing and Dispensing Opioids, and potential reservations and pitfalls faced by vets who are or aren't, using the PDMP. A three-person panel comprised of Drs. Lee Newman, Stacey Meola, and Ragan Adams led an informative discussion. The panel has experience in rural and urban settings, with small and large animal populations, and within the academic community, and examined issues related to controlled substance prescribing for veterinarians.

The Townhall recording is available below for those licensees who were unable to participate in this session. A Q-and-A document also can be accessed that answers many frequently asked questions about the PDMP, its use, benefits, and contact information related to its operation.

Town Hall recording July 25, 2019





Revised Opioid Guidelines Endorsed

On March 14, 2019, the revised guidelines for Prescribing and Dispensing Opioids were adopted by all six of Colorado's prescribing and dispensing Boards: the Colorado Dental Board, the Colorado Medical Board, the State Board of Nursing, the State Board of Optometry, the Colorado Podiatry Board, and the State Board of Pharmacy, and endorsed by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine.

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