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Below are news and updates from the Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO) that may be relevant to the military community.

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Under a new law effective January 1, 2021, military spouses may obtain three-year temporary credentials for any profession or occupation under the purview of DPO, if they hold a credential in good standing from another US state or territory and meet certain other requirements. This new program is provided at no cost to the military spouse and is part of Colorado House Bill 20-1326 Create Occupational Credential Portability Program (HB20-1326), which Governor Polis signed on June 25, 2020. For more information, visit DPO’s page for Military Spouse Licenses. 

Recent Reports 

Annual Implementation Reports for the Veterans Occupational Credentialing and Licensing (VOCAL) Program, pursuant to Section 24-4-201 et. seq., C.R.S. 

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