Board of Nursing: Military/Veteran Licensing

The Board of Nursing - as part of the Division's Veterans Occupational Credentialing And Licensing (VOCAL) program -- has adopted policies/rules to assist veterans with relevant military training to obtain a license or certification in a streamlined manner. Veterans seeking a license or certification with these streamlined policies/rules should expect a personalized evaluation of their application and professional advice regarding the most direct path to obtaining their Colorado credentials.

Overview of licensing and certification for veterans with military training are as follows:

  1. Please gather all documentation/transcripts to verify education, training and/or experience in the healthcare field.
  2. Upload the information to the Board of Nursing for evaluation. Please send this documentation to
  3. Potential applicants will be notified by email on further documentation or steps necessary to apply for nursing licensure.
  4. The Board will supply support and inform the potential application of any missing requirements or "gaps" that exists that may need to be filled.

For questions about the streamlined policies/rules or to begin the process, please contact

Read the full text of the rules that have been adopted for veterans here:

Read the full text of the policies that have been adopted for veterans here:

Other helpful information for veterans and members of the military can be found on DORA's main Military and Veterans Programs site. This website also contains information for relocated military spouses.

Need general VOCAL information? Please contact Joan Rinaldi at