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The Office of Outfitters Registration registers and regulates individuals and entities that practice in the State of Colorado as Outfitters, defined as "the taking or attempted taking of wildlife" on land that an Outfitter does not own. Registration for Outfitters is mandatory in Colorado. 

The Office does not issue hunting or fishing permits and does not regulate other outdoor activities on public land. Office activities include registration, investigation of complaints, determination of discipline, and enforcement of discipline for violators of the Colorado Statutes and the Office of Outfitters Registration Rules. The Office is a Director-model program with a five-member advisory committee comprised of registered outfitters, law enforcement, and a public member who provide recommendations to the Division Director.
The Office works with several state and federal agencies including Colorado Parks & Wildlife, the Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Forest Service in order to share vital information about unregistered outfitters and violations of other agency laws. The Office also works with the Colorado Outfitters Association (COA). For information regarding hunting and/or fishing licenses, please contact Colorado Parks & Wildlife at 303-297-1192.

Off-road and/or jeep tours are not governed by the Office.  Please contact the Public Utilities Commission -Transportation section for more information. 

Program Information

Advisory Committee

Ofelia Duran, Program Director

Office of Outfitters Registration
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303-894-7800  |  Fax: 303-894-2310  |  Email:

Advisory Committee:

  • Bill de Vergie
    CPW Agency Representative
    Meeker, CO

  • Tyler Emrick
    Professional Member
    Craig, CO

  • Tawny Halandras
    Professional Member
    Meeker, CO

  • Andrew Petersen
    Professional Member
    Dillon, CO

  • Jeffrey Dreyer
    Public Member
    Co Springs, CO

Public Notices

Permanent Rulemaking Hearing - September 23, 2022

The Office of Outfitters Registration will hold a Permanent Rulemaking Hearing to allow stakeholders a final opportunity to provide testimony before the Director considers permanently adopting Rule 1.12, to implement Executive Order D 2022-034Protecting Colorado's Workforce and Expanding Licensing Opportunities). 


Implementation of Executive Order D 2022 034

The Division of Professions and Occupations' held a Joint Stakeholder Meeting for all Boards and Programs that allowed stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback, and help develop new rules to implement the directives of Executive Order D-2022-034 (Protecting Colorado’s Workforce and Expanding Licensing Opportunities).


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