State Plumbing Board: Plumbing Apprentice Information

Online Apprentice Registration

Using Online Services:

  • Apprentices must create a new account and register as an apprentice.
  • Contractors can search for existing apprentices, add existing apprentices to their contractor registration and remove apprentices from their registration upon separation.

Apprentice Registration and Employment Termination

Law requires that apprentices must register with the State Plumbing Board.Once an apprentice begins working for a plumbing contractor, the employer must complete an application to register the apprentice with the Board within 30 days of the date of hire. After the initial registration, a card with a registration number is given to the apprentice. This number will remain the same through any employment changes. It is the apprentice's responsibility to have the card with them while working in the trade. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

An employer must also notify the Board within 30 days when an apprentice terminates his or her employment with the company. The contractor can submit either a registration or termination application to the board via the same application. There is no fee for notifying the Board that an apprentice has been terminated.

Any individual employed in the plumbing trade is considered an apprentice and must be registered until such time as the individual has obtained a Colorado plumber's license. Colorado law requires that a plumbing apprentice be directly supervised by a licensed Colorado plumber.