Office of Surgical Assistant & Surgical Technologist Registration: Applications and Forms

Who Should Register as a Surgical Assistant or Surgical Technologist?

Anyone who performs the duties of a Surgical Assistant or Surgical Technologist must register.

What are the duties of a Surgical Assistant?

  • Positioning the patient
  • Providing visualization of the operative site
  • Utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with hemostasis
  • Participating in volume replacement or autotransfusion techniques as appropriate
  • Utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with closure of body planes
  • Selecting and applying appropriate wound dressings
  • Providing assistance in securing drainage systems to tissue
  • Duties of a Surgical Technologist

What are the duties of a Surgical Technologist?

  • Preparation of the operating or procedure room and the sterile field for surgical procedures by sterilizing supplies, instruments, and equipment
  • Preparation of the operating or procedure room for surgical procedures by ensuring that surgical equipment is functioning properly and safely
  • Passing instruments, equipment, or supplies to a surgeon
  • Sponging or suctioning an operative site
  • Preparing and cutting suture material
  • Holding retractors
  • Transferring, but not administering, fluids or drugs
  • Assisting in counting sponges, needles, supplies, and instruments
  • Performing other similar duties as directed during a surgical procedure


Forms: All Colorado Surgical Assistant (SA) &, Surgical Technologist (ST) applications and forms are available below:

Communication from the Division: The Division of Professions and Occupations\' primary communication is via email. Please be sure to include your current email address on your application to receive important information about your application status and process.

License Expiration Bump Period for New Applicants: All new applicants who are issued a license within 120 days of the upcoming renewal expiration date will be issued a license with the next expiration date.

License Renewal Information: All ColoradoSurgical Assistant &, Surgical Technologistregistrationsexpire on March 31 every year. View your expiration date on your online account. Please note that renewals open approximately six weeks prior to the expiration date.