Office of Audiology Licensure: Military/Veteran Licensing

The pathway to licensure for individuals who practiced as an audiologist in the military and who currently hold an audiologist license (in good standing) from another U.S. state or jurisdiction, involves the submission of an endorsement application. Endorsement requirements are outlined in Rule 1.2: Licensure by Endorsement. Rule 1.2(D) specifies that the practice of audiology (including externships) in the military may be counted towards experience requirements that substitute for minimum education, examination, or certificate requirements.

Additionally, military and veteran applicants should review Rule 1.11: Credit for Military Education, Training, or Experience. All applicants should also review Audiologist Application Checklist, as well as all other relevant statutes and rules.

Other helpful information for veterans and members of the military can be found on DORA's main Military and Veterans Programs site. This website also contains information for relocated military spouses.

If you have questions on licensing of veterans or members of the military, please contact Laura.Bravo@state.co.us