PDMP Prescriber Report FAQs

PDMP Prescriber FAQs

A prescriber report is a document that provides key information related to a prescriber’s personal prescription history. It compares an individual prescriber’s data to peers within the prescriber’s same specialty.

A prescriber report is a tool for individual prescribers to use in their practice when assessing their own prescribing history. The reports are for informational purposes only and can help prescribers make more informed decisions.

The prescriber reports are provided in support of the PDMP’s mission to identify and prevent the potential misuse and abuse of prescription drugs. They should not be used to impede the appropriate prescribing of these medications for legitimate medical purposes.

The PDMP automatically provides a prescriber report to any prescriber who has a PDMP account and has prescribed a controlled substance in the previous quarter.

No. The prescriber report is not reviewed by or sent from any regulatory board. It is automatically generated by the PDMP and is for informational purposes only.

A prescriber report provides information including, but not limited to:

  • Morphine Milligram Equivalent dosing ranges
  • PDMP utilization
  • Prescribing volumes

The PDMP prescriber report does not provide individual patient information.

This is a pilot program. Beginning February 2018, you will receive your prescriber report on a quarterly basis in February, April and July.