State Board of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Technician


I’m a veterinary technician working in Colorado. Do I need to register with the State of Colorado?

In 2022, the Colorado General Assembly passed House Bill 22-1235 which, in part, creates the regulation of Veterinary Technicians in Colorado. Anyone practicing as a Veterinary Technician must be registered by the Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO) by January 1, 2024.

I’m already certified in the state of Colorado. Do I still need to register?

Yes. Veterinary Technicians in Colorado previously could hold a certification, but this new registration codifies the profession in statute and creates a new profession under state law. The Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians (CACVT) has been approved by the Board of Veterinary Medicine as the credentialing entity in Colorado. Once credentialed with CACVT, please go to the following link to review the online application checklist and register

How do I get a credential from CACVT to qualify for registration?

The Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians is the Board of Veterinary Medicine’s approved credentialing organization for Veterinary Technicians. Registration in Colorado is a two-step process. Please go to the CACVT webpage to find out how you may qualify.

What do I need to do once I get my CACVT credential?

Please note that the Provisional Veterinary Technician (PVT) registration option will no longer be available starting January 1,2024. Those who have this registration status can continue to use the PVT registration status as they work toward their Veterinary Technician (VT) registration until December 31, 2027. Provisional registrations will no longer be renewable after January 1, 2028.  

Provisional Registrations are no longer offered starting January 1, 2024

Those persons not yet credentialed who have been practicing as a Veterinary Technician but do not meet the registration requirements will have the opportunity to obtain a provisional registration through DPO, subject to all laws, rules, and policies of the State Board of Veterinary Medicine. These individuals will eventually need to obtain a full credential through CACVT prior to expiration of the provisional registration. A provisional registration is required for individuals who will not complete the credentialing requirements until after 12/31/2023, and must be obtained before 12/31/2023. The provisional registration allows individuals, until 12/31/2027, to complete the requirements for the credential. Provisional registrations will no longer be renewable after Jan. 1, 2028. To learn more about the different pathways, please go to the CACVT webpage to find out about these options.

What is the transfer process if I have a license in another state?


The process for transferring a license from another state (known as application by endorsement) is the same as the process for applying for an original license except that the applicant needs to provide proof of their veterinary technician license from the other state rather than proof of credentialing from CACVT. More information is available on this checklist

Veterinary Technicians who hold a certification from a voluntary credentialing state must transfer their credential to CACVT prior to registration. Those states include, but are not limited to, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wyoming. Please visit the CACVT website for more information.

Veterinary Technician endorsement registrations must satisfy requirements of the Occupational Credential Portability Program (OCCP) and will be processed through DPO.


How much does registration cost?

The 2023 original license fee for Veterinary Technicians is $130. The current fee for Provisional Veterinary Technicians is $122. Please note: Fees are recalculated on an annual basis and are based on the cost of providing the license. The current fee may be higher or lower than this fee

What is the registration renewal process?

The renewal process is aligned with the veterinarians’ license cycle. The expiration date for veterinary technicians is 10/31/2024. The regular two-year renewal cycle is from 11/1 to 10/31 of even-numbered years.

How do I transfer my license to another state?


To transfer your license to another state, you will need to review the process for that state and follow its requirements. 

In addition, some individuals will need a complete licensing history to transfer. In that case, a verification from CACVT may be necessary. For more information, visit the CACVT website.