Apply Military Education, Service, and Training

Apply Military Education, Service, and Training

Military service members and veterans can often receive credit towards the minimum licensure qualifications for their military training, service, and education. Additionally, for many professions and occupations, the Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO) Director or the relevant Board has adopted rules or policies specifically designed to assist military service members and veterans when applying such military training, service, and education. 

The DPO Director and Boards, upon the submission of satisfactory evidence by an applicant, accept education and training received in the military towards the qualifications to receive licensure or certification, pursuant to Colorado state law (Section 12-20-202(4), C.R.S.). A rule has been promulgated for each profession and occupation to implement this state law and can be accessed via the relevant Board or Program page on DPO’s website.

Professions with Additional Military/Veteran Policies or Rules

The below professions and occupations have adopted additional rules or policies for military service members or veterans, to outline a streamlined pathway to licensure or otherwise assist service members and veterans as they apply for licensure. Many of these rules or policies were adopted through DPO’s Veterans Occupational Credentialing and Licensing (VOCAL) program, which systematically reviewed each profession to identify opportunities for streamlining the credentialing of veterans. Pursuant to Colorado state law (Section 24-4-201 et. seq., C.R.S.), DPO annually reports to the General Assembly on the VOCAL program, and these reports are available on the News and Updates page.

Professions and Occupations

Additional Information

Some other professions and occupations have information available that may assist service members and veterans seeking licensure:

For general licensing information for any profession or occupation, please review information from the relevant Board or Program on DPO’s website.

If you have questions regarding how your current education and training could apply toward licensure, or need more information about streamlined pathways to licensure, please contact Sarah Werner at